Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Zion Lutheran School

Is Zion a private school that allows only Lutherans to enroll?

No! Zion's school was established in 1983 and since its inception it has enrolled students from other Lutheran churches, local Catholic churches, and families who do not have a church home. Zion welcomes all families to enroll their children and learn what we teach through a Bible Information Class.  If you would like to apply for enrollment follow the "Apply Now" link on the front page of our school website.

I depend on busing to transport my students. Is this provided to Zion students?

Over one-third of the families at Zion rely on the bus on a daily basis. Chesaning public schools provide this service to all children in the district that are at least Kindergarten age. Students ride the bus to the public school, and then complete their ride on a bus shuttle to Zion. Families who live outside the Chesaning school district can bring their children to the border of the district and have a bus transport them to Zion.


Is my child old enough to attend Zion?

Zion teaches students in preschool through eighth grade and our state licensed preschool enrolls children that turn four years old by September 1st of the school year that they enroll. Beginning in Fall of 2017, a Mornings with Mommy group meets two Thursdays a month to serve children three and under as well as their mothers. Learn more about Mornings with Mommy at


Does Zion teach subjects other than religion?

All students begin the morning with a religion lesson, and spend the rest of the school day focusing on other core subjects such as Mathematics, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Current Events, etc. Each subject is taught from a Christian perspective, and the faculty teach with the academic objective of preparing students for success in high school.


What would tuition cost our family if we are not members of a Lutheran church?

Zion Lutheran School is supported by the members of Zion Lutheran Church in Chesaning, and because of that support our tuition is far less than the actual operating costs (Families pay roughly 1/8 of the true cost!). During the summer of 2016, Zion approved a new tuition scheme to encourage more families to use our elementary school and because of that even multi-child families pay less than $1500/year.  


What technology does Zion incorporate into their lessons?

All classrooms have projectors available for teachers, and students in grades 2-8 have classrooms with interactive whiteboards. Students in grades 5-8 use a personal laptop on a daily basis. They create documents and presentations on Google Docs for journal or Reading class; they write, film, and edit movies for Reading assignments. An ELMO document camera allows for students in grades 2-8 to read devotions and excerpts from books clearly off of the projector. Zion has modern equipment and technology instruction which teach skills for our increasingly digital world.


Does Zion offer music lessons for my student?

In recent years, a retired woman from Zion Lutheran Church has begun to run her piano lessons at our school and over a quarter of our K-8 students have taken advantage. Payments for her weekly lesson are paid directly to the teacher and are not included in tuition.


Does Zion offer sports/extracurriculars, and if so, at what age may students participate?

Zion encourages students in grades 4 and up to help us on the playing field in sports such as Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, and Volleyball. Each spring, track is also offered to students in grades K-8. During the final month of school, our students prepare for a musical or talent show which is performed at the Peet Center in downtown Chesaning. All families are also invited to join Pioneers, which is similar to Boy/Girl Scouts, as they participate in pinecar derbies and archery competitions.


What is the average class size at Zion?

Zion's Lutheran School offers a unique educational environment, not only because of our Christ-centered lessons, but also because of our distinctly small class sizes. Over the past decade, Zion has maintained an enrollment of roughly 3-4 students per grade. With small classes we have been able to combine several grades into a classroom and therefore we teach grades K-1 in one classroom, grades 2-4 in a second classrom, and grades 5-8 in an upper grades room. Our student to teacher ratio is less than 15:1, and we believe that a multi-grade classroom allows for students to gain a confident report with their teacher as well as learn at a more personalized pace. We strongly encourage families to visit a classroom to see the effectiveness of our multi-grade classrooms. You will be amazed at the advantages!


What qualifications does the faculty at Zion hold?

All of Zion's teachers hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and are encouraged to take summer online courses in addition to the workshops that are attended in spring and fall at teachers' conferences.

What is the next step in becoming part of the Zion family?

Scheduling a tour within our school to meet faculty and see our classrooms is a great way for your family to learn more about enrolling at Zion Lutheran School. If possible, families are also encouraged to observe an afternoon or morning of classes to help understand the routine and academic benefits of a “multi-grade” classroom. Call or email us today for more information or to schedule a tour!





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